Winter Fitness: Safety tips for exercising outdoors

Winter FitnessDuring the spring and summer months motivation stays near to keep that swimsuit ready body, however, coming into the colder winter months of the year, it is not uncommon for motivation to see itself to the door. Bundling up under many different layers of clothing helps hide the little winter weight we might put on. With a few tips on keeping better winter fitness, individuals can keep that swimsuit ready body year round instead of just in the warm months.

Check The Temperature and Layer Properly

Believe it or not, exercising in the cold can actually burn more calories that exercising in extreme heat. Before you trek out to face the cold to exercise, check the outside temperature and wind chill factor to ensure you layer properly. It is perfectly safe for individuals to exercise in temperatures down into the 20s Fahrenheit and a wind blowing up to 30 mph as long as you are wearing the proper clothing. It is very important to keep hands, feet, and ears warm while working out in the cold weather. Damage does not occur to individuals’ bodies until exposed skin is in temperatures of nearly 20 degrees below 0 Fahrenheit.

Start Your Workouts Conservatively

Until you become a winter weather exercise master, start out conservatively. Starting out conservatively means start out by having your workout sessions last approximately half of a typical warm weather workout session. Also do a warm up indoors for approximately 10 minutes before starting an outside workout, this will help you keep from straining muscles.

Pay Attention To Your Body

It is very important to pay attention to if you are getting cold. Warning signs of frostbite include a stinging feeling and loss of feeling. If you suspect you are getting too cold, get indoors immediately. To start recovery of getting too cold, gently massage the areas most affected. Rubbing affected areas can severely damage skin, so it is imperative to gently massage the area. If stinging or loss of feeling continues, visit a doctor immediately. Frostbite can be very dangerous untreated.

Winter workouts can be a variety of fun activities that shred calories. Fun winter workouts include cross country or downhill skiing, ice skating, walking or jogging, show shoeing, and snowboarding. As long as working out during the winter is done properly, it is just as safe as working out in warm weather.

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