What’s the difference between a Standard and Olympic Weight Bench

Comparison and contrast between Olympic and Standard bench and bars

The world of weights and weightlifting almost always leads our imagination into the exciting world of competitive sport and fitness. In general the two types of bench and bars available are the standard or exercise version and the Olympic model. The standard bench is much older, and lighter in weight of the two. The Olympic bench, on the other hand, uses Olympic sized bars; the end-points of the bars are designed to revolve freely. Olympic bench are made of high quality steel combinations to handle extraneous stress from extreme weights, while the standards weights are usually design for beginners and casual users who basically want to improve their fitness levels.


The standard bench is usually smaller as compared to the Olympic bench. The standard version comes with a barbell measuring 5 to 6 feet long, and weights of between 15 to 25lb; its barbell diameter is also smaller in comparison to the Olympic bench. The standard bar is usually an inch in diameter, with a corresponding 1 inch center aperture designed to hold standard weight plates. The upright dimensions of the standard bars are also narrower.

The Olympic bench is typically wider and longer than the standard bench. One enormous advantage of the Olympic bench is that it can accommodate strong lifters. The Olympic barbell usually weighs 45lb and measures 7 feet long and the range of the weight bench falls between 2.5lb to 45lb. The Olympic bars can load weights of up-to 1,500 pounds. The Olympic bench can support extremely heavy lifters, same as the uprights, which can tolerate more weight pressures. The olympic barbell is mechanically design in a manner that makes it difficult to tip over in case the weights are not in balance.


In terms of their functionality, both the standard and Olympic benches are the same. The indifference is that the Olympic and standard bar and bench components cannot be interchanged. The standard bars are usually 1 or 2 foot shorter than the Olympic sized bars. The Olympic bar and bench are used in power-lifting as well as in the Olympic weightlifting events. The standard bar and bench, on the other hand, are comparatively less expensive than the olympic model and are usually better suited for home gyms.

The commercial gyms in US can use the Olympic benches at their facilities since they are more durable and can accommodate more weight levels. The cost can be easily recouped through subscriptions or membership fees.

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