Ways to Ease a Nasty Hangover

It is fun to have an alcoholic drink every once and a while. People who drink very little don’t have to deal with the after effects of an over indulgence in alcohol. Light to moderate drinking rarely results in a hangover, but what happens when partying to hearty turns into a touch to much? A hangover. When a person over drinks to the point of becoming intoxicated hangover symptoms are sure to follow. Among those who drink until intoxicated, people drinking larger amounts will show more symptoms of hangovers than people who drink only moderate amounts.

One of the best ways to avoid a hangover is avoiding indulgencing in too much alcohol or by not drinking at all. There are many other ways to deal with the effects of a hangover. However, once the symptoms of a hangover start it is hard to completely eliminate them. Many traditional hangover cures don’t fully relive the symptoms of a hangover and sometimes some traditional cures can make the symptoms of a hangover worst. There have been hangover cures with on scientific basis around for years, but most of the thinking behind these types of cures are based on myths and urban legends.

These myths begin with things like drinking Black coffee. However, coffee is a diuretic that can often further dehydrate the body while only providing temporary relief from such symptoms as feelings of fatigue and headache symptoms. Many have also sworn by eating fried or greasy food to cure intoxication symptoms under the thinking that eating food with a lot of fat can coat the stomach lining and slow down alcohol absorption which can prevent the severity of hangover. Even so, many people fail to result that the fat mixed with alcohol can sometimes irritate the stomach and intestines making symptoms of alcohol over indulgence worst.

So, what can cure the symptoms of a hangover? Generally, the only sure fire cure to getting over a hangover is time with most symptoms lessening in 24 hours. But, there are ways to lessen a hangover’s effects. The most common effect of a hangover is headache and light-headedness whose symptoms can often be lessened by drinking water or a sports drink like Gatorade, which has been shown to lessen the effects of dehydration while also replacing needed electrolytes.

Eating fruits like Bananas are good for lessening the effects of a hangover because alcohol depletes the body’s natural reserves of potassium which can then be replaced by eating a piece of fruit. There is no sure fire ways to lessen the effects of a hangover expect time, so it becomes more important than effect to avoid the effects of overindulgence in the first place.

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