The Secret to Stop Smoking – Beat Those Nasty Weed Cravings Now!

StopSmokingWeedYou have quit smoking marijuana, but the cravings are driving you crazy, aren’t they? Fortunately, you can take a number of steps to reduce your cravings so you can pass that test or change your lifestyle. You can beat them by using any of the following 10 tips:

1. Stay Firm With Yourself

Remind yourself that you can stay sober, and then tell yourself that you will accept no excuses for not doing such.

2. Substitute With a Healthy Habit

Weed cravings are psychological. You need something to do instead of smoking a joint. Find a productive substitute. Every time you feel a craving, you could write poem or a diary entry. The craving will be gone by the time you finish.

3. Exercise

Exercising emits pleasant brain chemicals that will lift your spirits and make you happier than any strain of weed can. Twenty to 30 minutes of exercising is ideal.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Getting eight hours of sleep is the least you can do to maintain effective body functioning. Make appropriate rest a priority.

5. Breathe

Not many people recognize the power of the breath. Next time you get a craving for marijuana, take a deep breath and release it with a positive thought.

6. Play Video Games

Video games can keep your mind occupied and provide you with a slight adrenaline boost. Racecar games and sports games are the best deterrents because they have high action levels.

7. Watch a Movie

Watching a good two-hour movie is just as effective as playing a game. Comedy flicks can make you laugh, while thrillers will make you think.

8. Have a Nutritious Treat

Pears and apples are excellent sources of nutrition and happiness. You can beat the craving by having one every time you feel it. If your taste buds prefer sweeter tastes, then you can use dark chocolate since it offers a variety of benefits.

9. Listen to Music

Music is excellent medicine for the soul. You can be so captivated by a song that you forget about marijuana. Select the genre based on the mood you want to acquire.

10. Drink Enlightening Drinks

Green tea and herbal teas can help to cleanse you and soothe your soul. Some energy drinks can give you a healthy boost of energy. Try sipping one the next time you get a craving.

You can beat those pesky cravings by following the tips and developing additional strategies of your own.

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