The Better Workout: Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand

Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand

It can be difficult to find he time to exercise, especially for those with too many commitments. This is arguably the reason that exercise equipment is so popular; it allows a person to exercise whenever they want with a wide variety of exercises. The indoor bicycle cycling trainer exercise magnetic stand allows you take something that you already have and turn it into a formidable piece of exercise equipment. It takes a simple bike and turns it into a device capable of multiple resistances, giving you a variety of different possible exercises.

How It Works

The magnetic stand has a a series of magnets that can be changed so that they provide a number of different of different resistant levels. They take a normal bike with a 26″, 27″, or 700 cc quickly removable wheel and allow it to be ridden like a regular exercise bike.The magnets in the stand take the place of the removed wheel and allow the bike to simulate a number of different kinds of rides, from a ride on level ground to a steep climb, by manipulating the magnets. Once the exercise is over the bicycle may be removed from the stand and operated as normal.

What It Includes

The magnetic training stand is built for punishment with an extra wide base for additional stability but easily and quickly folds up. It also has cups so that it stays in place, but also has a quick release so that it can be folded up and moved quickly. The magnets may be adjusted for a range of rides with different difficulties. A front wheel riser is also included to keep the bicycle in place during exercise. A bicycle is not included, but the stand will work with any bike with a 26″, 27″, or 700 cc tire with a quick-release tire. In short, it can be quickly placed or taken, provides a range of resistances, and works with an existing bike.

The Advantages

The indoor bicycle cycling trainer exercise magnetic stand allows a person to exercise in any small space and then to fold it up and place in storage quickly. That storage space can be a closet or other space, or even a car trunk. This portability is arguably its nicest feature, making it rather nice for someone looking for something that can be shared between work and home; it can be used for stress release at work, and a way to maintain the exercise during the weekend. Overall, this makes an excellent piece of equipment for anyone looking for a great exercise anywhere they go.

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