Super Weight Loss Juice with A Secret Ingredient!

You are at the exercise room in your favorite gym listening to some of the conversations. Here are some of the gems you overhear: “Look at that woman on the treadmill. She’s been here for six months and she is still fat.” Or, “Look at that guy over there. He’s got a body to die for.” Or, “But look at that poor slob. He waddles on and off that treadmill. Been doing that for a year now and there’s no change.” This is not at all that uncommon. Many people try real hard to lose weight but they just can’t seem to make any progress, while others stay fit and lean without much effort. You keep asking yourself, “What wrong?” Why such differences among these people?”

The One Trick Pony Solutions

You’ve decided to lose weight and are searching the web for the best weight loss solutions. Among them you find:

The Magic Juice Concoction

The recipe includes: 3 oranges, ½ cabbage (the magic ingredient), half a lemon juice, one small carrot and a pinch of ginger. You try this for a month a lose maybe 3 or 4 pounds. Scratch this one.

The Newest Fat Buster

It is called Garcinia Camogia, a fruit that helps you stop fat production and curb you appetite. It helps curb insulin production and bad cholesterol and in process increases muscle mass instead of fat. Again only a loss of a few pounds.


Tumeric is grown in India and the Middle East. It claims to aid metabolism, suppress appetite and help weight loss.

The Coconut Diet

Coconut oil is claimed to have a magic ingredient that promotes weight loss. Here again, you have proponents that claim that this the magic bullet that will solve your weight loss problems.

So, now, after a year of trying these and many other so called “magic ingredients” you still haven’t lost the weight you wanted. What’s wrong? You start to dig deeper and find that there one killer ingredient that is keeping your weight up and that is SUGAR. Yes, sugar. Sugar is in almost everything we eat, in cakes, pastries, bread, processed foods, even yogurt. So you say, Ah, I going to use a sugar substitute. Fine. But that doesn’t solve the underlying problem of making a drastic change in your diet and that is cutting out foods that contain sugar. What sugar does is stimulate the production of insulin in your body. If the insulin does not process all of the sugar, the remaining sugar turns into fat cells. This eventually can lead to sugar diabetes.

The other psychological factor that produces weight gain is STRESS. People under stress have a tendency to snack more and grab at food as a substitute for attacking the underlying problem of finding ways to reduce stress.

Now, a year later, you are a “new” person. You’ve cut out tons of sugar and reduced your stress levels. You’ve maintained your regular workout regimen and have totally new body, with more muscle mass and you’ve dropped the fat. You now have a positive attitude and believe that you can maintain your ideal body weight.

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