Round Ice Ball Maker Molds and Healthy Recipe

Ice Balls Anyone?

What are ice balls you might ask? Ice balls are one of the neatest nonsense ways to chill your drinks instantly. They are made in an Ice Ball Maker mold that was specially designed by My Wow Shop. The Ice Ball Maker mold is a 2.5″ circular silicone mold that you open up and fill and freeze. It’s that simple the fun part begins when you open the Ice Ball Maker up and pull out your tasty custom frozen sphere.

Ice ball chiller

Your basic Ice Ball chiller is made of water. The Ice Ball uses the perfect design because at 2.5″ diameters in size, the Ice ball chiller is going to rapidly cool any beverage. The density and size of the ice ball makes it perfect for keeping your nice cool summer drink last a very long time. Try Ice Balls with your Lemonade or Orange juice. Or you might want to try cooling your favorite rum, bourbon, whiskey or scotch drink with a nice and cool long-lasting Ice Ball.
You can start having fun with different ingredients like watermelons and strawberries and cherries or how about a sweet 2 1/2 inch blueberry ice ball? As you can see, with a good imagination the existing possibilities are endless.

Healthy Ice Ball Fusions

Ice balls can be very refreshing, but did you know that they can be a great way for you to stay healthy? You can make ice balls with ingredients that are actually good for you and can help hydrate you and give you a nice energy boost. You can put your vitamins and your favorite fruits into the Ice Ball Maker and pull out a tasty and nutritious treat that will refresh you and supply your body with antioxidants. Another one Ice Ball favorite is the Smoothie Ice Ball. Blending favorite fruits like pineapples or mangoes and blueberries or you use some orange juice and pineapple juice or even apple juice in the mix. Sprinkle some protein powder or some amino acid whey on your favorite fruit, add some apple juice and freeze. The Smoothie Ice Ball we be a very refreshing and a nutrition filled delightful treat for after a workout or a bike ride or even after coming home from your job.

You will enjoy creating your very own custom Ice Balls and will also benefit from a healthy a refreshing hydration and give you that extra little added healthy boost.

Ice Ball Recipe:

Ice Ball Ideas

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