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There are thousands of products on amazon. Hundreds of thousands. So it’s easy for products like quality, effective workout equipment like push-up bars to get drowned in with other spammy and ineffective products. Today, I hope to inform and educate you about which push up bars are the most effective, discuss their features and functionality, and help you find which bar is the most effective and efficient for your needs.

Readaeer Push up Pushup Bars

The Readaeer push up bars is a product aimed to the budget consumer who is still focused on bettering themselves and getting stronger.This product is specifically targeted to train your biceps and triceps, it’s nice they tell you what they specifically designed the product to train, a +1 for the Readaeer Push Up Bars from myself. The bars have high resin, making them very resistant to slips and strains. They also only weigh .5 pounds, making them extremely lightweight. They advertise they are very easy to disassemble, although I couldn’t imagine why taking a product like this apart would be beneficial at all. Finally, this product is rated 4.5 Stars out of 75 customer reviews. Not a bad rating.

Power Press Push Up

When examining this product on amazon (And any product for that matter) I always read the reviews, so I know how great it is, or if I buy it, how much of a disappointment I’ll be in for. This item, has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 539 reviews. A near perfect record! Now, we know this product is reputable, what does it offer? It’s color coded to specify which orientations work what muscles. This is a great feature and can be highly effective when training for specific events, wrestling etc. It helps you concentrate and know what you’re working, helping you better yourself. It’s portable and has easy storage, making taking this on camping and road trips is no problem, making it easier to better yourself and do nothing except making yourself stronger, and more efficient, no matter what you do. It has quality non slip hand grips, giving it a quality feel, rather than other cheaply made, product that just slip and contort.

Tony Horton’s PowerStands

This product is developed and sold by Beachbody. The fitness legend. In the actual name of the product is Tony Horton, the creator of P90X, the fitness training system. Aside from that, the product claims they help you achieve the perfect push up everytime, and the “heavy duty” design made of ABS plastic i resistant to breakage. The only issue I have with this is they never state they have rubber breaks on the bottom preventing slippage, and especially being official Beachbody, I would hope they would include some type of resistance system to avoid unwanted moving of the device mid workout.

321 STRONG Push-up Bars

The 321 STRONG Push-up Bars are plastic ergonomic push-up bars, making push-ups a breeze.  The look and feel is overall average, and could be improved upon. The also don’t feat rubber breaks to prevent slips and slides. Again, a needed staple in products like these. If they would improve the aesthetic of the bar and add rubber resistance on the bottom of the device, I would give this puppy a higher review, but, it has quite a few flaws.

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

The Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite is a little bit different than the last product. This product isn’t on a board with preset slots to put pegs to push-up on. It’s two handles free of say a board, like the last one included. One of the coolest things I thought in this review, was it was invented by Alden Mills, a former navy seal. The Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite, has steel bearings so the handles rotate slightly, designed specifically to engage more muscles and muscle groups. The device has ergonomic grips, reducing strain on wrists and elbows. Making only arms sore and stronger, and not damaging and straining anything else. The device also includes rubber treads so the device doesn’t slip and strain or pull any muscles. A very nice feature.

Wacces Push-up Bar

The Wacces Push-up Bar is a push up bar looking very minimalistic, and having very sleek finishes, a nice touch giving it a quality feel even though it is just plastic. This bar DOES feature rubber stops on the bottoms, to prevent slipping. They promote their Push Up Bar increases your range of motion and improves strength in upper body, stomach, and of course, your arms.

CAP Barbell Push Up Bars

These bars by CAP Barbell, highly resembles the last product and they both have similar price points.They state they target muscles in your chest, shoulder and back.They have hard feet on them, so once again, you don’t have to worry about contorting muscles into uncomfortable orientations that can lead to stains, and unwanted muscle tears.This device is designed to improve and stabilize your push up form and help you become stronger.

Top Quality Push Up Bar

The Top Quality Push Up Bar can be compared to the Tony Horton’s Bar, in the sense it is very cheap looking and boasts no grips to prevent unwanted slipping, making exercising a struggle. The reviews for this product are 4.0 stars, and have over a hundred reviews, but I still wouldn’t purchase this product or the Tony Horton’s bar.

Elite Sportz Perfect Push Up Bar

The Elite Sportz Perfect Push Up Bar (Yes, Sports with a Z), boasts their device puts far less stress and strain on your wrists and It won’t slide and move on you, (unlike Tony Horton’s Push Up Bar) and keeps you stable for your workouts. It’s lightweight and very portable. Bring it on road trips or take it camping with you, This bar will give you no trouble in doing so.

Iron Core Athletics Push-up Bars

The Iron Core Athletics Push-up Bar is a great tool if you are on the go, trying to stay athletically fit and trying to get better and become more fit. The Bar is strong stable and sturdy, making it long lasting. It’s Easy to use, with resistance to prevent slippage, and may I add very attractive especially for the low price.

Today, we reviewed 10 Push-up bars. Some great, like the Readaeer Push up Pushup Bars. Some setting a new low for the Push-up Bar industry, Like the Tony Horton’s Push-Up Bar. Hopefully, I educated some on the technicals of what makes a quality push-up bar, and hopefully I saved some of you from wasting time and money on garbage Push-Up bars. I wish my wisdom and advice brought some help to you, and maybe you can take this advice, and become a stronger, more healthy person.

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