Insider’s Guide to Choose the Best Walking Poles or Trekking Poles

backpackersTrekking is an outdoor activity that involves travelling in challenging terrain carrying necessary supplies to keep you going. One is required to carry water, food, materials to sleep on and also an important walking aide known as a trekking pole. A decade ago, it was scarce to see someone using a trekking pole. However, considering the many benefits of having one while trekking, the pole has become a vital commodity for all backpackers.

Trekking poles are vital to backpackers since they help increase the balance on rough terrains and, therefore, prove vital in conserving energy for the hiker. The trekking poles reduce stress on a backpacker’s knee, especially climbing downhill, reducing injuries. While using one, the hiker’s arms can move him or her upwards and forward hence improving speed. One can also use a trekking pole to check the depth of puddles and streams to ensure it is safe to cross. If one were to encounter thorny bushes or even spider webs, he or she could use the pole to clear the way to make it more accessible. Since trekking is mostly done in remote or forested areas, a trekking pole can come in handy if you were to encounter some animals because it can serve as a weapon. One can also use the two poles to get a rest on the way. Once you get to your camping site, another use of the poles manifests itself. Since the trekking poles are stronger than ordinary tent pole, one can use them to make the tent firmer.

There are many types of trekking poles on the market. One of them is the BAFX Products A-8956 Antishock trekking pole. This is a pole made from long lasting flimsy aluminum with an estimated length of 25.5 to 53 inches. It is fitted with springs to combat shock enabling you a more comfortable trek. These poles also have a snow sink to avoid sinking in quick surfaces. They come with rubber at the bottom that covers a strong steel tip just to add comfort. This type of trekking pole comes in amazing colors such as silver, black and blue. They are bought in pairs.

Another type of trekking poles is the Himal folding collapsible Alpenstocks ultralight trekking pole. It features condensed changeable strap with a very soft lining to fit your wrist comfortably. This type of trekking pole is bought as a single object and not a pair. It has a convertible lock catch that can be secured very quickly.

The VOPROSY 2-pack trekking pole is another model of these poles. It is made of very light but strong carbon fiber. These trekking poles are made to absorb sweat making it safe to use since your wrist does not slip and cause injuries. The height of the pole is adjustable making it suitable for almost all people.

Weanas folding collapsible trekking pole is another model pole. It is also sweat absorbing and has a tungsten steel tip to avoid corrosion. It is also suitable for people with different heights since its length of 52 inches long is a set international standard. The Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking is another model. It has carbide tech tips that are changeable and a shock control technology. It also features a grip extension to avoid slipping.

Trekking poles are an invention that has changed many backpackers idea of hiking.

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