How to Lose Weight Using Self Hypnosis

How To Hypnotize Someone Losing weight is hard and everyone has a food weakness. There is one or two foods out there that you just cannot refrain from eating. It may be chocolate, ice cream, or pie. It is something that makes you break that diet or eat more than you should during the day. The good news is that you can lose weight and refrain from those foods through self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis has been used for decades to help people quit smoking and to lose weight.

Some people think that hypnosis is a scam or a magic trick. It is not. It is simply putting your body in a heavily relaxed state so that your subconscious mind can communicate with your conscious one. While in this relaxed state one can constantly repeat positive statements about the goal, weight loss. Self-hypnosis trains you to think in a certain way toward a certain activity or life situation. Instead of thinking, “I would love to be skinny, but…..” think “I will be skinny,” “Nothing is going to stop me from being skinny.” You have to train your mind to think only toward the goal and not just wishful thinking. You sub-conscious mind will keep reminding you of that goal.

You subconscious cannot reason for itself. If the subconscious is told that it cannot do something it will find a way to not allow you to do it. The opposite is also true. If your subconscious is told over and over that you can achieve a goal, it will allow you to do it. It is the power of suggestion. When you are in a totally relaxed state, tell your subconscious over and over, “I do not need seconds at meal times,” “I do not need sweets,” and “I will refrain from drinking sodas.” Of course these are examples. Your particular goals should have other phrases to flood the subconscious with.

If you have never tried self-hypnosis, here are some guidelines. Find a quiet place that is dimly lit. Sit or lay down and close your eyes. Sitting is preferred if you are one that falls asleep when lying down. A light blanket draped across your body might help you to relax more. Count slowly backwards from ten to one. Talk to yourself with each number. Ten, “I’m relaxed.” Nine, “My body is relaxed.” Eight, “My mind is relaxed.” Seven, “My body and mind are relaxed.” Just let go and begin to recite your positive statements mentioned before.

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