How Fast Food Affects You Negatively

 Fast Food Affects You NegativelyFast food is such a tasty indulgence which makes it extremely challenging to let go of. Learn more about 7 bad effects of fast food on your health and your body.


A higher rate of obesity is linked to fast food. Eating fast food 2 times a week or more packs on the pounds quickly. Research shows there are lots of calories in quick prepared burgers, fries and sugary drinks. Fast food ingredients are high in fat and sodium both linked to obesity.

Heart disease

From eating fast food once a week you can increase your risk of developing long term consequences associated with heart disease such as strokes, and type 2 diabetes. This high fat style of eating puts excessive pressure on the heart with all the sodium, fat and preservatives used in fast food

Type 2 Diabetes

Over eating fast food made with saturated fat and carbohydrates leads to type 2 Diabetes. The body fights hard to rid the body of excess sugar. The inability to control diabetes once diagnosed is very challenging. Many other complications can develop from diabetes such as blindness and amputation.


What we eat plays a big role in how it will digest in our system. Eating high levels of fast processed foods can lead to uncomfortable digestive problems such as acid reflux or heartburn. This can result in irritable bowel syndrome. Make a effort to eat more whole foods to help keep your digestive tract under control.

Nutrition Loss

Fast food is pretty much void of vitamins and nutrients. This type of food adds nothing to your body except the pounds.

No Eating Routine

Having a set time to eat meals keeps your body balanced and keeps hunger under control. It is best to avoid eating on the go which can slows down digestion and boost weight gain through poor eating habits and choices.

Keeps you Aloof

We are a generation raising a generation that view fast food as real food. Eating meals at home is a time to engage with family members and un-wind comfortably over a healthy meal.

Eating fast food not only expands the waistline but can shorten the quality of your lifespan. There is a wealth of delicious nutritious foods available today that satisfy the pallet and your health too.

Tips for Making Healthier Fast Food Choices

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