Easy Ways To Stay Fit While Traveling

Easy Ways To Stay Fit While Traveling Adapting Your Fitness Routine for the Road

There’s no need to sabotage your fitness while traveling. Adapt your routine to one that you can engage in anywhere. Of course, if you are able to plan ahead, you can always book a room at a hotel with a gym. However, this isn’t always a realistic option, unless you’re traveling for business with your employer picking up the tab, because typically hotels with fitness facilities are very expensive. So, take a look at the five ways below that will help you stay fit, no matter where your travels take you.

Pack your own fitness equipment

Perfect examples of this are flat band kits, Versa-Tubes, and latex resistance bands, you can easily fit them into a carry-on or laptop bag or the outer pocket of your suitcase.


The best thing about running is that it doesn’t require any fancy equipment, just a good pair of running shoes. And remember if you have knee or joint problems; avoid asphalt, cement and concrete. Find a park near your location and run on the grass only. If you don’t run normally, don’t start, just because you’re traveling. Pick one of the other activities on this list instead.


Calisthenics work great for any body type, it is a series of movements that strengthen and tone your entire body using nothing except your body weight for resistance. A good example of calisthenics is stretching, push-ups, and sit-ups.


Instead of eating hotel food or fast food, pack your own food. Stick to non-perishable items such as dried fruit, Chia seeds, protein bars, trail mix, canned tuna fish, beef jerky and plastic baggies filled with protein powder, such as Whey or Casein protein, you can readily mix-it with milk. The protein will help keep you satisfied. If you can’t pack snacks, then choose lean meats, fruits, and veggies. Eat only fish or chicken, because the body burns lean protein as oppose to red meat, which is stored as fat.


If the weather permits for outdoor pools, get up an hour earlier and swim a few laps. And then after you arrive back at your hotel at the end of the day, repeat the laps. Swim until fatigue and then rest the next day. Remember, if you are fit, you body will burn calories rather than store them. Even if you miss a workout, you’ll stay on track.

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