Burn Fat & Smooth Cellulite Using a Foam Roller


When working out, muscle cramps are unavoidable. There are a variety of ways to help get rid of them. One of these ways is by using what’s known as a muscle roller. Many models work in much the same way, and offer e-books or videos for instruction on how to use them properly.

The Elite Sportz Equipment Muscle Roller Stick is 18 inches long. The inner bar is made of a strong steel-like material. It will not bend under extreme pressure, and as this is a hand powered muscle roller, that is a necessity. A one or two handed grip works with this roller. The little beads move independently from each other. When more pressure is needed, a friend can use it and get a little more pressure on the muscle.

The Fitness Answered Training Products “The Massager Stick” has about nine inches of space for rolling. The rest of the stick is covered by handles on either side. The total length is around 18 inches. The beads in the middle move independently of each other, and slide around a slightly flexible metal bar. This model is used in the same fashion as the Elite Sportz Equipment Muscle Roller Stick.

The Master of Muscle Foam Roller for Muscle Massage is a foam muscle roller. This model is 13 inches long and five inches wide. Unlike the previous two, this muscle roller cannot be used sitting or standing. Instead, it must be used on the floor so that your body weight propels your muscles over it. This particular muscle roller has raised nubs in an alternating patter with uniform ridges.

The Stick brand offers nine different types of muscle rollers. The only differences are the amount of flexibility and the lengths. The more flexible the stick, the more it will reach around a muscle. The more rigid the stick, the deeper the tissue it can massage out. The smallest is 14 inches long, and the longest is 30 inches long.

The Product Stop, Inc. #1 Muscle Roller Stick is designed much like those from Elite Sportz and Fitness Answered. There are nine beads in between the two handles that move separately from each other. Each bead has a few ridges in it to help with the right pressure. This is one of the stiffer models, with little give. This stick is 18.5 inches long.

In the large variety of ways to get rid of muscle cramps, one of the most effective is to use a handheld muscle roller.

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