Best Thanksgiving Day Strategy for Dieters

Thanksgiving Day Strategy for Dieters

Dieters Can Enjoy Thanksgiving Too!

You do not have to “crash your diet” so you can splurge or worse yet skip the holiday altogether. With a little strategic planning you can enjoy all the benefits of your favorite holiday without feeling guilty. You best approach is to plan a combination of food intake management, exercise and diet supplements. Eating smart is a life choice and you do not have to feel penalized just because of the holiday season.

Diet and food intake prior to Thanksgiving:

Whatever diet you are using, you do not have to miss out on Thanksgiving or even wreck your diet by completely going off on the deep end in food consumption. The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving select very healthy food choices. Fruits, leafy vegetables non sugary drinks, plenty of water and more fish and vegetarian dishes. Foods that support your digestive system are good choices. What you do not want to do is starve yourself in preparation for your Thanksgiving day feast. You may think coming to the table with a famished stomach will help but it will actually hurt you. Your stomach shrinks when you “starve” it and you will upset your digestive system if you try to overeat.

Exercise prior to the Thanksgiving:

Burning calories is also a good thing any day of the week. If you keep to a consistent exercise routine you can actually train your body to burn fat even while your sleep. Taking the stairs during lunch, or walking your dog for a mile or three provides your body with a jump start on those extra calories you will be facing down during the holidays. Diet Supplements that are natural are also something you should consider after consultation with your doctor. There are a number of natural supplements that will help you burn fat.

Thanksgiving Day:

The big day is here and you should still stick to a normal eating pattern. That means a light breakfast and start the day with an hour of exercise. When it comes to the actual Thanksgiving day meal, continue to make smart food choices. Do not over do it with the buttered rolls. Turkey is a good meat choice but use this pattern; Overeat your vegetables and sample your meat and desserts. Drink water during the day. It will give you the sensation that you are full and you will continue to support your digestive system.

The Weekend After Thanksgiving:

If you prepare diligently the week before you will find that you can enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend, guilt free and you feel good and not bloated and beached on your sofa.

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